Plans for
Nestbox Mounting Systems

Plans are in pdf format and require Adobe Reader.  All plans/links will open in a new browser window.  Left click on thumbnails for larger view.

Detailed information on mounting nestboxes is available on our nestbox mounting tutorial page.
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1/2" Conduit/Rebar Pole Mounting System
designed by Steve Gilbertson
This system has become the standard for mounting light to medium weight nestboxes.  When the conduit is polished with steel wool, coated with a quality paste wax and buffed smooth, the system is resistant to climbing predators; however, we recommend a baffle for added protection.

Download plan:  170kb (pdf)
Nestbox Mounting Tower
designed by Tom Comfort
An easy to build nestbox tower places the nestbox at heights from 14 to 18 feet above ground level.  Pole rotates up and down using a pivot, so no ladders are needed.  Made from common lumber and readily availble, standard hardware.

Download plan:  Version 1: 212kb (pdf)